Custom Knitwear

Do you like what you see on our site, but are looking for something more specifically tailored to you? Meet with knitwear designer Riley Davies to create a one of a kind knit garment for you or a loved one. Have the freedom to define your style with this garment customization option. Choose your colours, type of sweater, specific garment features, size, and stitch types available in the RedThreads Design arsenal.

For more information or to book an appointment for a free consultation, enter your information below. Consultations are available via zoom or in-person. Starting cost for a custom knit garment is $250.00 CAD, but costs may increase depending on complexity of the garment, material costs, and shipping.

* Please note: I reserve the right to not take on projects that are out of my scope of expertise, if material and labour costs are too high, or if I in any way find the project not feasible. *